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After security checked my luggage I ventured out into the openness of the airport looking for my host family. Being 5 a.m., two and half-hours late, there were few people waiting for family members. She began to walk away, but then quickly turned back and asked me if I arrived in Manaus to teach.I said yes, and she quickly said that she was hosting me in her house.Not because of the language, or weather, or food (which I had not experienced) but the size of her apartment.I live in a relatively large apartment, and all my friends have relatively large houses.Whereas typical food in Salvador, state of Bahia, is made with dendê (palm oil), there is no special oil, or spice used here.There are some foods, mostly fruits, which are not found any place else except here. Besides the typical fruits like banana, grapes, pineapple, watermelon, melons, apples, oranges, that are found in the United States without problems, there are others like jambo, ingá, buriti, açaí, tucumã, and hundreds of others only found in this region Women throughout Brazil are of a different nature.

Or, take out all the walls, all furniture, leaving just the exterior walls, and you might be able to place 6-8 Honda Civics in the apartment. Although I still speak slower than I would speak with my friends, I had to speak even slower in all my classes because the students were not used to having a native speaker, and were used to listening to "Brazilian English". Brazilian English is the name I have given to the language spoken by teachers who have not studied abroad, whose English is still affected by their native language, or whose English is not "native".Americans say they are "red-necks" or from the Deep South. For the Brazilian, their "lh" equivalent would be the "th" in words like "the, three, there, their, etc." My Paulista accent possibly saved me from being left in the airport, or even having to wait longer to meet my host family.We hugged and exchanged the customary two kisses, and went for the car.I think she was shocked my Portuguese was as good as people say it is.We had spoken on the telephone before I arrived, but with international connections, the sound isn't the best all the time.

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