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In particular Gmail has the nasty habit of putting the purchase confirmation mail in the spam folder, most of the "did not get the license" requests we receive are coming from Gmail users.

Purchasing Houdini 6 will entitle you to all updates and corrections made to Houdini 6, direct e-mail support by the Houdini author and discounts to future versions of Houdini. You can still download the free Houdini 1.5 which at the time of the Houdini 6 release remains one of the stronger free chess engines.

Sattler's Remarks on the KRP(a2)-Kb BP(a3) Database.

Each Houdini release since December 2010 has been leading the major computer chess rating lists and has been widely considered to be the strongest chess engine money can buy.

From numerous interviews it appears that many top Grand Masters including chess World Champions use and appreciate Houdini.

A 1.00 pawn advantage gives a 75% chance of winning the game against an equal opponent at blitz time control.

At 1.50 the engine will win 90% of the time, and at 2.50 about 99% of the time.

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