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The arrival of Allied forces in Surabaya created tensions with the newly established government of Indonesia, reaching peak on 10 November 1945 where a major battle between the Surabayan residents led by Sutomo and Allied forces.The battle forced the governor, Suryo, on the advice of People's Security Army (TKR), to move the seat of the government to the Mojokerto area.After that period, Islam began to spread across Java and the Europeans started their colonisation of the Malay archipelago.

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In 1268, Wisnuwardhana died, and he was succeeded by Kertanegara (1268-1292). Majapahit reached its peak during the reign of Hayam Wuruk. Together they managed to unite the vast territory under the name Dwipantara.However, eventually this revolt was defeated by the Indonesian Army.On 19 December 1948, the Dutch launched Operation Kraai.In 1292 Kertanegara was defeated by a rebel named Jayakatwang, ending the power of Kertanegara power and the history of Singhasari. In 1357, the Bubat event occurred, the war between the King of Sunda and the Majapahit Patih Gajah Mada.This event stems from the desire to take the king Hayam Wuruk Sundanese princess named Dyah Pitaloka as queen.

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