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I’ll do the packing.” “OK boss” she saluted, to the cheers of the boys.

It was all in fun, but the feel of her body hard against his prick, along with the flowery scent of her perfume, had changed the way he now looked at Mrs Turner. They were her most prominent feature, over sized, out of proportion to the rest of her slim body.

Unknowingly, she presented him with a great view of her arse.

After trying this three or four time without any protest, or obstruction, he decided to become a little bolder.With Mrs Turner half bent over, his hands were holding a fair amount of her weight; her soft ass was pinned against his body, his hands around her stomach under her boobs.“I knew you were desperate Dave but attacking My Mum in public, that’s going a bit far.” Harry called.It was Saturday morning, Dave was in a hurry to get away to cricket.His school side was travelling by bus to a nearby country town, a couple of hours away leaving at 8 am.

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