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Then there was the Ralph Nader in 2000, whose egoistic crusade arguably put George W. Since then, the country see-sawed between the long tenures of two Deep State errand boys from each major party, putting both parties in such a bad odor that Trump now rises on their mephitic fumes.Which raises the question, of course: what exactly is this Deep State?Writer, financier, and Deep State rogue operative Jim Rickards keeps insisting that Uncle Joe Biden will end up as the Democratic nominee. It deserves the finger, but it also needs to be carefully disassembled without blowing up what remains of this country.

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The tragedy is that no other serious, grown-up figures stepped forward in this dangerous moment of history. The 20th Anniversary edition With an entertaining new introduction by the author Bargain Price .99 Amazon Kindle …or … Kobo Support this blog by visiting Jim’s Patreon Page!I doubt you will hear about them before they happen.In the face of that, Trump’s behavior only gets more childish.He’s tuned in to the national nervous breakdown underway.From time to time, when he’s not speaking emptily about how much he is loved, Trump voices some legitimate concern of the Deep State’s victims.

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