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Still there she was; married and having a newborn baby girl with Norman.She, who never wanted to need someone suddenly finds herself in a whole new situation and has to find a way to handle it.Instead fate shows him the walking dead, plunges him in the middle of a family tragedy and gives him a chance, one more fucking chance to be happy, because… A drunk venting of problems leads Jaune and Yang to decide the only way they’re going to feel any better about how shit everything is is to just fuck the pain away for a little while. Gladio, concerned about Noctis' lack of interest in dating, marriage or sex, takes Noct to Izunia's Pleasure Palace for his pick of carnal delights.Prompto is flattered when the future king chooses him, but Noctis only seems interested in playing games on his phone. Prompto could use a break and a buddy to game with.

Question is if he’ll able to be there when she needs him the most and will she let him?

Well, evil little Jungkookie most certainly has one.

On his 20th birthday after becoming the mafia boss, he kidnapped and forced his sexy adoptive dad Taehyung who is 8 years older than him to become his legal wife!

This is an AU where Stiles left Beacon Hills, not for the FBI but to study Forensic Sciences at Cal State in LA and Peter never made it back to Beacon Hills to wreak havoc.

Getting out of a small town has suited Stiles and widened his horizons and on Valentine's day he sets out to find a non-romantic entertainment for the evening.

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