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After a while Ariel begins to fall for Ren and dumps Chuck, they fight and Chuck hits her. When Moore demands Ren's arrest, Ariel tells him that he can't blame everything on Ren just like he did with Bobby.

Bobby's father Shaw Moore, the Reverend of the Beaumont, Georgia church, persuades the city council to pass several draconian laws, including a ban on all unsupervised dancing within the city limits (based, in part, on New York City Cabaret Law).

Three years later, Ren Mc Cormack, a Boston-raised teenager, moves to Beaumont to live with his uncle, aunt, and cousins after his mother's death from leukemia and his father's abandonment.

Soon after arriving, Ren befriends Willard Hewitt, a fellow senior at Beaumont High, and from him learns about the ban on dancing.

He soon begins to be attracted to Moore's rebellious daughter - Bobby's sister Ariel - who is dating dirt-track driver Chuck Cranston.

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    Kenneth, surprised, brings Kelay to a fast food chain to eat and interrogate her.

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